MANAGEMENT OF THE "INTERNATIONAL EXPO" from 17/10/2022 to 22/10/2022

The structure located in Via Capanna 62A will be used as an " international expo" . 8 pavilions with different themes will be used. The sports hall, on the other hand, will be used as a show room and will host international performances by starred Italian and foreign chefs, as well as the creation of international Master Classes and more.

MANAGEMENT OF "International guests of competitions":

  • day 10/17/2022 - arrival of the airport, port and station delegations . They will be taken over by the organization and placed in the hotels identified. They will be provided with an identification tag and a welcome present;
  • day 10/18/2022 - opening event at the theater with Musical. Presentation of the states represented and various national anthems, presentation of the delegations present and of the participating schools. Welcome greetings from the regional Presidency and the highest State and Republic officials present;
  • day 19/10/2022 - briefing of the students who will have to study the execution strategies of the competitions performances in the specific performance rooms identified;
  • 20/10/2022 and 21/10/2022 - execution of the performances of the competitions in front of an international jury;
  • day 21/10/2022 pre-organized excursions structured on selected site of interest. GALA night, night of the oscars and AWARDS as well as passing of the baton / flag to another international organization.

MANAGEMENT OF THE "FORUM of biodiversity innovation and restart":

Various meetings and congress forums will be held at the Foro Annonario, at the Antonelliana Library, at the Teatro la Fenice, at the Chiesa dei Cancelli and in other sites of historical and cultural interest in the city of Senigallia to talk about restart, biodiversity, sustainability, as well as to start to the General States of the school.