There are winners, scores and prizes for each

single tender, disciplinary sector and by Region.

Each single competition will see protagonists only a few students and an attributable maximum score as well as will have a first prize to be awarded to the players who will acquire the most results in the relative competition.

The “Gran Trofeo OPEN” will be won by the regional team / representative that reaches the highest team score at the end of all 16 tournaments.

A suitably qualified jury, on the other hand, will have the task of identifying the best students among all the competitors for each single professional sector.

By way of example, some first prizes are described that will be awarded to the best student by professional sector:

Food and wine / cuisine award called "Michele Baron Award - Piccolo Mozart della Cucina" in honor of Michele, which provides for the winner a scholarship of 2,500.00 and an internship to be carried out at the 3 Michelin star Chef - Mauro Uliassi.

Uli Assi  

Award which includes a study holiday of one / two weeks and an English course offered by the “International House” in a European capital.

international house london

Award that includes a cruise offered by "Costa Cruises" aboard Costa Magica from November 15, 2020 to November 19, 2020. For the winning student and his / her family.

coast logo


Award “5 days food, travel and accommodation plus ice cream course at the experimental artisan center in Agugliano and direct access to the final to be held in Longarone at the“ Carlo Pozzi competition fair with board, travel and accommodation.

logo artisan ice cream study center