Open Mission


project Premise

The Higher Education Institute “A. Panzini ”has an important tradition and history, it is a territorial school of innovation, open and conceived as a laboratory for research, experimentation and didactic innovation; the IIS "A. Panzini ”matures the experiences of the past, directs the present and lives projected towards the future.

In continuity with the incredible experiences of excellence and cultural and international exchanges already achieved in its over 50 years of history, in the academic year 2019/2020 was born at the IIS “A. Panzini ”of Senigallia OPEN, thanks to a proactive consultation between teachers, students, staff, local realities and various stakeholders.

OPEN turns out to be such a vast project with such boundless potential that it embraces all the themes suggested by the Europe 2030 Agenda, from education to sustainable development, from tourism to entrepreneurship education, and still certifies all the transversal skills promoted. by the Council of Europe with the 2018 Recommendation on key competences for lifelong learning.

OPEN represents a new way of doing sustainable education, the positive soul of young people who want to be the protagonist and guide of change and represents a school and territorial development project focused on the concepts of sustainable education and European citizenship, and is also enhanced as a new Key to dialogue between peoples in contemporary multicultural contexts.

In a didactic-training week entirely dedicated to project activities, the “A. Panzini ”opens its doors and its gardens to the public and families, invites experts and companies to carry out professional courses, as well as invites student representatives from all regions of Italy and Europe to compete in the OPEN Games. Children from different countries will be guests of the IIS “A. Panzini “and its partners, to play, learn, listen and share their experiences. The common goal is to make students citizens aware, as well as autonomous professionals, of the development of new trends and new horizons and thus to start some close and concrete inter-European twinning between schools and students of Europe.

Therefore OPEN in its 5 kitchens, 4 bars, 10 dedicated classrooms, 2 conference rooms, 5 educational laboratories, 2 Halls, and much more will welcome teams of 14 students each, coming from different regions of Italy as well as from some European schools, all of which will compete in diversified professional, educational and cultural competitions, and will organize workshops, cultural and sporting outings to discover the city and the territory, as well as participate in training courses coordinated by companies and professionals. Every day in the internal and external spaces of the Institute will take place under the direct direction of the students of the IIS “A. Panzini "and professionals of national and international fame, tournaments, challenges, competitions, demonstrations and exhibition and fair spaces will be set up where it will be possible to discover the realities and typical features of our wonderful Italian country, increasingly OPEN and projected towards the future.

OPEN therefore represents a new form of education and instruction, centered on the concept of a great sense of responsibility and autonomy of the students and in addition it proposes a new method to draw up the Institute's PTOF LIVE, therefore the Social Report, all built through the direct management of students, continuous, operational and constructive dialogue between all the representative partners of the school community; school, families, students and territory.

Under the excellent supervision of the RENAIA Network and the AEHT European Network, the young people at the center of the OPEN didactic-training project are the ones who guide its conception, organization and effective implementation.