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Professional competition, starring students, best practice exchanges among European Countries and much more ...




The Panzini High School in Senigallia has an important and long tradition. The school was established to promote innovation in hospitality, with ex- perimental workshops and teaching methods. The catering and hospi- tality institute, 'A. Panzini 'has savored the experience of the past, is oriented in the present and lives projected into the future. 50 years of history have provided incredible experiences and with this background this school year 2022 2023 proposes OPEN , thanks to AEHT ANNUAL CONGRESS, Re.Na.IA and a synergy between teachers, students, staff, various stakeholders and the local territory. The didactic and teacher training event aims to change the vision of the Italian school, by being a revolutionary, ambitious and culturally innovative project.

OPEN is such a large project with infinite possibilities that it covers all of the sustainable development goals of the agenda 2030, from education to sustainable development, from tourism to entrepreneurship, and what is more it certifies all the key competences promoted by the Council of Europe in the 2018 Recommendation of the Key Competences for Life- Long Learning.

In the learning / teaching week, entirely dedicated to project activities, the Panzini school opens its doors and school grounds to families and comes out to the local territory where students will address audiences in the piazzas.

OPEN represents a new way of practicing sustainable education. OPEN is the future of education. OPEN is the positive soul of the young people who want to be leaders of change. The students of 'Panzini' committed to this challenge will become protagonists of new educational strategies as well as promoters of local social and economic development. During this didactic week entirely dedicated to workshops and projects, Panzini High School will host OPEN as well as 35 th AEHT ANNUAL CONFER- ENCE ' s competitions . Participants coming from all over European Coun- tries will compete, play, learn, listen and share their own experience. The common goal is to make students active citizens, aware, autonomous and professionally capable to interpret new trends and new horizons.

So OPEN , is a project representing the school and the local territorial de-velopment, it concentrates on education for entrepreneurship and European Citizenship and it underlines new key approaches in communication in our multicultural world.

The aims of OPEN are multifold with an underlying concept of inclusion and student-centered approach where the students themselves are the organisers, creators and protagonists and the essence of the event.

OPEN will take place within the school facilities in 5 kitchens, 5 bars, and 40 dedicated classrooms, 6 conference rooms, 5 workshops, 2 halls. It will welcome the competing teams coming from all over Europe and they will compete, discover territory and enjoy a valuable tourist, cultural and gastronomic experience.

OPEN represents a new international and shaping system of education student-centered in order to help them in being autonomous and self aware, giving the opportunity too, to realize a new way to make a School Program from living experience.

Under the supervision of the RENAIA net and of the AEHT European Organization the students involved in the project OPEN will guide its con- ception, organization and proactive realization.