• EUROPEAN transnational purpose: The project has been promoting European student mobility for 34 years and presupposes the development of twinning between schools and students. It also promotes the study of the territory for the export of excellence as well as the development of good practices. Students of different nationalities are matched and will participate together in international level competitions to win the gold, silver and bronze medals of the professional services Olympics in Food and Wine and Tourism, Room-Bar - Kitchen - Pastry - Tourist Reception and Hotel Management (11 international competitions, about 80 award-winning schools out of 700/800 certified regular participations).

  • Institutional development purpose. The project includes a series of workshops, master classes and discussion forums with very high professionalism and personality and is useful for dealing with the issues of the States General for innovation, biodiversity and restart, as well as the issues of education as a pivot of development. for a sustainable society. Furthermore, since the companies are all networked and having placed the students at the center of the project for the Marche region in the first place, the direct relationship of connection between supply and demand of work will be favored, therefore the instant employability for the satisfaction of the employment needs of the territory.

  • Ethical purpose : The students of the "hotels" of the Marche involved will be protagonists in the organization of the event and all will carry out alternation between school and work - PCTO ( over 1500 students from the Marche region will take care of the reception, the service of the kitchen bar and pastry shop for all guests of the event). They will carry out internships in the host hotels, accompany guests as tourist guides on cultural excursions in the area such as the Frasassi caves and / or similar, they will promote the products and excellences of the Marche region to encourage exports: such as vines, truffles, the fashion system and much more. This will considerably increase employability and the link between labor supply and demand ;

  • Tourist purposes: 33 European countries, over 150 schools from Italy and Europe present at the competitions and 700/800 habitual participations; data certified by the financial statements and the data of the AEHT international association. In addition to guests from all schools in Europe and Italy, - through the formula of pre-selections to the competitions - also all the schools of origin of the selected students and their respective families and friends will study Italian and Marche excellence and will buy the products that will then have to be used in the competitions as early as March 2022. Furthermore, all sending schools, family members and friends will be able to see the competitions live and online throughout the week of the event. To date - by certified agencies - are estimated over 25 million views and interactions between articles on television, national and international and social services, etc .;

  • Purpose of promoting the local product and enhancing the "Marche Experience": the school is transformed into an "International Expo"; a real and virtual fair visible in the world through a specific digital platform . Specific exhibition stands will be set up in each school classroom (40,000 sq m) according to pre-established themes (pavilion of the Marche vines, pavilion of pastas and legumes, pavilion of dairy products, pavilion of other specialties, pavilion of innovation and pavilion of Restart)